Brand Name Clothes on an Off-Brand Budget

5 Ways to Style a Basic T-Shirt

Face it, T-shirts are among the most comfortable clothing items around. However, many people let then languish in their bottom drawers because they aren’t quite sure what to do with them besides pairing them with sweatpants for casual workout wear or for lounging around at home.

There are many creative and fun ways exist to incorporate a T-shirts into a stylish outfit. Here are 5 ways to wear T-shirts like the one you bought as a souvenir while on vacation in Beverly Hills.

Wear it With a Piece of Statement Jewelry

T-shirts offer the perfect backdrop for statement jewelry. If you’ve got a stunning pair of dangling earrings or a large necklace, wearing a T-shirts ensures that your clothing doesn’t compete with your jewelry and cause that dreaded “tossed salad” effect that occurs when you’ve got too much going on visually to sustain a focal point.

One particularly good look …

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3 Tips for Making a Woman’s Tuxedo a Staple of Your Wardrobe

Are you sick of your little black dress? Not every woman is into skirts and stockings. You have more wardrobe options now than ever before, and if you’re in the market for a new look, or if glam dresses just aren’t your style, you might like to show up at the next party you’re invited to rocking a tuxedo instead. The woman’s tuxedo is a rising star in the fashion horizon, and if you’re more comfortable in pants and long sleeves than in spaghetti straps and a skirt, learn how you can make the women’s tuxedo fit in with your signature style.

Choose Your Shoes

There are lots of ways for you to wear a tuxedo, but before you start planning your outfits, it’s important to make sure that you get the right fit. Buying a suit can be a little more complicated than buying a dress, and with a …

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5 Trends To Look For In Large Sports Bras

If you are an active woman that needs to shop for larger bras, it is possible that you have been disappointed in the past. Many women with large breasts have had to double up their sports bras before an extreme workout to prevent bouncing and backache. However, a properly fitted, modern sports bra should be able to handle the toughest workouts on its own, without the support of a second bra. It should also be comfortable and stylish. 

Here are some of the recent features of sports bras that you should look for while shopping. 


Traditional sports bras often hold both breasts in a single pouch and rely on compression to prevent movement. This results in feeling like your breasts are squished, often having your breasts spill out the sides of the bra, and the appearance of a single large breast as opposed to two breasts. Modern sports bras, …

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How To Create A Custom-Designed Tee Shirt With Bleach

If you are interested in making your own designer tee shirt, then an inexpensive and easy way to do so is by using bleach. The effect is sharp-looking, and you can make an almost unlimited number of designs of your own choosing. Below is a list of materials and supplies you will need, as well as step-by-step instructions for making the tee shirt:

Materials and supplies

  • Cotton tee shirt – you can choose any tee shirt as long as it is 100% cotton, but keep in mind that darker colors work best. Light colors will not provide a sufficient contrast to make your design “pop” from the shirt.
  • Printed design on letter-sized paper
  • Fine-tip pen or marker
  • Clothes iron
  • Freezer paper
  • Laundry bleach
  • Spray bottle with adjustable nozzle
  • Sink with cold water
  • Hobby knife with sharp blade
  • White cotton towel
  • 24-inch by 12-inch piece of cardboard

Step-by-step procedure

1. Print

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5 Ways To Kick Your Wedding Attire Up A Notch With Cowboy Boots

If you are a western lady looking for a special way to show your true self on your wedding day, then you might be considering wearing cowboy boots, like those from Cowpokes, beneath your wedding dress. You will be happy to know that wedding cowboy boots are becoming a popular choice, so you will have many options. But you may be wondering how to complete your look so that your boots go with your dress instead of distracting from your overall appearance on your special day. If so, consider these five ideas for pairing boots with your wedding dress. 

Shorten Your Gown 

There is little point to wearing an intricate pair of boots beneath your dress if you are not planning to show them off at some point. The casual look of cowboy boots pair well with a shorter dress that falls anywhere between your thigh and your knee. However, …

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