5 Ways To Kick Your Wedding Attire Up A Notch With Cowboy Boots


If you are a western lady looking for a special way to show your true self on your wedding day, then you might be considering wearing cowboy boots, like those from Cowpokes, beneath your wedding dress. You will be happy to know that wedding cowboy boots are becoming a popular choice, so you will have many options. But you may be wondering how to complete your look so that your boots go with your dress instead of distracting from your overall appearance on your special day. If so, consider these five ideas for pairing boots with your wedding dress. 

Shorten Your Gown 

There is little point to wearing an intricate pair of boots beneath your dress if you are not planning to show them off at some point. The casual look of cowboy boots pair well with a shorter dress that falls anywhere between your thigh and your knee. However, if you want to keep with a traditional, long gown, you can consider bustling your dress into a shorter version that shows off your boots and allows you to dance during your reception. 

With boots, it is important to go short or long with your dress. Avoid ankle-length dresses or dresses that fall just below the knee, as these can conflict with the natural lines of your boots. 

Select an Off-white Color 

While you may be able to find a shiny pair of white boots that match your dress, you will have a much wider selection of boots if you include browns and other colors in your search for the perfect shoe. To complete your rustic look, consider selecting an off-white or cream colored wedding dress. This will look less harsh against your boots and will give you an elegant but casual appearance. 

Lace It Up 

Most cowboy boots are known for decorative leather work. The large amount of texture on your boots can look out of place if you pair it with a satin or other smooth-textured dress. You should consider dresses made of lightweight, flowing fabric, and don't forget to check out dresses that feature a lot of lace. The intricacy of large lace work can bring out the leather work on your boots, giving your wedding day outfit a finished look. 

If you are set on a smooth dress, consider a boot that has few embellishments or one that are painted, as opposed to embossed. 

Let Your Boots Be Your Something Blue 

Since cowboy boots are traditionally a form of western wear, they are naturally associated with the color turquoise, which is known for being a semi-precious, bluish stone only found in arid regions. You can find turquoise colored boots or boots that are embellished with turquoise stones. Either way, this provides you with your "something blue" if you are following that wedding tradition, and opens up your outfit to more accessorizing with traditional western jewelry. 

Choose Boots You Will Want to Wear Often 

Unlike most shoes, cowboy boots can be dressed up enough to wear at a wedding but casual enough to wear with jeans afterwards. This means that you are much more likely to find opportunities to wear your wedding boots on several occasions after your wedding. For this reason, you might not want to select boots that are too extravagant and instead opt for a look that will go with your everyday attire. This way you will be able to wear your boots often, remembering your special wedding day every time you put them on. 

The most important thing to remember when selecting your wedding shoes is that they should be something that you love. If you are comfortable in them and they reflect your personality, then you have most likely found the right pair. 


7 October 2015

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