Sew Pretty: Brighten Up Your Wardrobe With Fabulous Spring Florals


There is nothing like the arrival of spring fabrics to get you in the mood for a new season of sewing. With all the fun florals to choose from at the fabric store, you are sure to find a few you want to add to your spring wardrobe. From happy floral sundresses to delicate floral blouses and pants, new fabrics make it easy to design a wardrobe that is as refreshing as the arrival of spring.

Sassy, short sundresses

A must-have item in any spring wardrobe, sassy sundresses never go out of style. These above-the-knee dresses are comfortable and carefree and are great for casual wear. Bold floral printed fabrics, such as sunflowers and hibiscus flowers are perfect for sewing a sassy sundress to pair with sandals for a refreshing spring look.

Delicate floral blouses

If you love the sweet and charming look of delicate floral fabrics, you will have plenty of fabrics to choose from for making blouses. Delicate florals make it easy to sew blouses to pair with your favorite solid shirts or pants for wearing to the office, church, or any event where you want a semi-casual look. Delicate daisies are a favorite petite floral that is sure to refresh your spring wardrobe.

Wrap-around dresses

If you love the comfort of a wrap-around dress, floral fabrics are a great choice for creating unique dresses that will bring your spring wardrobe to life. Look for florals in delicate knit fabrics that cling softly to the body for comfort and ease of wear. Both petite florals and bold florals look great for wrap-around dresses.

Ankle length and capris pants

The first weeks of spring can be chilly, and the best way to prepare for cooler spring days is to stitch up a few pairs of pants for your wardrobe. Floral ankle-length or capris pants will look refreshing when paired with a solid blouse and layered with a sweater to take off the chill. Whether you prefer bright and bold prints or a more subtle floral pattern, both work well for spring pants.

When you think about the arrival of spring, you naturally think of flowers. Walking into the fabric store in the weeks leading up to spring is as refreshing as a walk through a springtime garden, as you see the shelves lined with colorful floral fabrics. With all the fabulous prints to choose from, the hardest thing may be resisting the urge to buy them all.

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24 February 2023

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