5 Trends To Look For In Large Sports Bras


If you are an active woman that needs to shop for larger bras, it is possible that you have been disappointed in the past. Many women with large breasts have had to double up their sports bras before an extreme workout to prevent bouncing and backache. However, a properly fitted, modern sports bra should be able to handle the toughest workouts on its own, without the support of a second bra. It should also be comfortable and stylish. 

Here are some of the recent features of sports bras that you should look for while shopping. 


Traditional sports bras often hold both breasts in a single pouch and rely on compression to prevent movement. This results in feeling like your breasts are squished, often having your breasts spill out the sides of the bra, and the appearance of a single large breast as opposed to two breasts. Modern sports bras, especially larger sizes, offer encapsulation of each breast. This way, each breast is supported separately, allowing the bra to be more effective and comfortable, all while making you look great. 

Bras with encapsulation feature a seam or gather in the center of the bra and usually have one or more seems around each cup to ensure proper support. It is important to make sure that the seams do not leave any raw edges that may rub against your skin while you exercise. 

Gel Padding 

When you think of padding in a bra, you probably think of padding over the nipple area to help conceal your nipples. While this can be a feature of sports bras, what you should really concern yourself with is whether or not the straps offer gel padding. 

Wide straps help distribute the weight of your breasts over your shoulders and back, and gel padding in the straps can prevent the straps from digging into your skin, making long workouts more comfortable. 

Back Snaps 

Many sports bras are the type that you have to slip over your head. However, modern manufacturers are beginning to recognize that the back snaps of everyday bras should also be featured on sports bras. Back snaps make getting your bra on and off easier and allow you to adjust the fit to your body. Additionally, they help your bra last longer as you can adjust the snaps to a tighter setting as the bra loses elasticity. 

Speaking of back snaps, another feature you might consider is an extra hook and loop halfway up your straps that turns your sports bra into a racer back. This allows you the option for added support on days when you have a more intense workout planned. 

Wrapped Underwire

Underwire is generally associated with everyday bras and considered uncomfortable in sports bras. However, underwire is an important part of many encapsulating sports bras by providing an exact fit for each breast. It also helps lift the breast away from your torso, allowing for ventilation during exercise. 

However, underwire can get uncomfortable during long workouts. For this reason, you should opt for cushioned underwire. Many brands offer underwire wrapped in silicone and fabric, so that it is hardly noticible during workouts but still provides plenty of support. 

Mesh Ventilation 

When you are working out, it is likely that you will start sweating. To deal with sweat around your breasts, you can opt for either an absorbing material or extra mesh ventilation that allows the moisture to evaporate properly. When you are considering mesh, look for bras with ventilation along the center line, between the breasts, and along the sides of the bra as well. 

A comfortable sports bra can allow you to work out comfortably for longer periods. Make sure to look for these features even in cheap big bras to get the best fit. 


31 March 2016

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