5 Ways to Style a Basic T-Shirt


Face it, T-shirts are among the most comfortable clothing items around. However, many people let then languish in their bottom drawers because they aren't quite sure what to do with them besides pairing them with sweatpants for casual workout wear or for lounging around at home.

There are many creative and fun ways exist to incorporate a T-shirts into a stylish outfit. Here are 5 ways to wear T-shirts like the one you bought as a souvenir while on vacation in Beverly Hills.

Wear it With a Piece of Statement Jewelry

T-shirts offer the perfect backdrop for statement jewelry. If you've got a stunning pair of dangling earrings or a large necklace, wearing a T-shirts ensures that your clothing doesn't compete with your jewelry and cause that dreaded "tossed salad" effect that occurs when you've got too much going on visually to sustain a focal point.

One particularly good look is a T-shirts in a neutral tone paired with a long necklace containing several strands of brightly colored beads. If you choose to direct attention to a gorgeous pair of long, dangling earrings by wearing a simple T-shirts for optimal contrast, consider rounding out the look by wearing your hair in an upsweep.

Pair it With a Casual Cotton Skirt

The classic combination of jeans and T-shirts works well for any casual weekend activity, but many people find the look boring and perhaps even sloppy. Pairing a T-shirts with a cute cotton skirt in place of jeans adds a touch of polish to your weekend look without sacrificing comfort. T-shirts can be successfully paired with anything from miniskirts to long, flowering ankle length skirts. Just make sure the two separate pieces work well with one another as far as color, texture, and style. For instance, you don't want to pair a casual T-shirts with a skirt that's suitable for business or formal functions

Wear it Under a Blazer

Wearing a T-shirt under a blazer offers an excellent way to add a sophisticated accent to an otherwise casual look. This look can be appropriate for work if your office has a young, edgy ambiance, but save it for weekends if you work in a traditionally conservative field such as banking, insurance, or law. It's a good choice for when you need something businesslike during the weekend when opting for full-on office wear would be overkill. 

Put a Vest Over It

Wearing a vest with a T-shirt is another way to give your weekend look a little bit of extra polish. This is a particularly good way to give the classic pairing of a T-shirts with boyfriend jeans the accent it needs to avoid being trite. The addition of a vest also works well to finish off the look when you wear a T-shirts with a casual skirt. For a classic, clean look, accessorize sparingly and wear a traditionally styled vest in a solid color, If you're aiming for an edgier look, choose a vest made from nontraditional fabrics such as fake fur or those featuring unusual patterns or colors.

Wear it Under a Button-Down Shirt

The beauty of this attractive clothing combination lies in function as well as form. Slipping on a button-down shirt over a T-shirts provides you with the ability to easily adjust your clothing throughout the course of the day. This is a great fashion option on weekend days that are slated for all-day outdoor activities because you can take the shirt off when the midday sun makes temperatures rise and then slip it back on if the wind picks up or the evening air cools down.

Whether you have a Beverly Hills T-shirt or one with funny or witty sayings, these tips should help you freshen up your style. 


21 February 2017

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