How To Give Your Little Girl A Boutique-Inspired Wardrobe


Boutique clothing items are known for their durability, fine craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics and attention to detail. Due to the high quality of the pieces, some boutique clothing lines may also have hefty price tags. The good news is that you can give your little girl a boutique-inspired look for less with a little fashion savvy.

While you may want a few high-end boutique items in your daughter's closet for special events, such as Easter, Christmas and birthday parties, you can supplement her wardrobe with less-expensive, ye still adorable, pieces for play and everyday wear.

Here are some tips for choosing girls' boutique-worthy clothing items, such as from Jubee Mack, for less: 

1. Smocking

One detail that a lot of girls' boutique clothing pieces features is smocking, which is especially popular in the Southern States. Smocking is an embroidery technique that gives fabric a stretchy, honeycomb-like appearance and is typically found at the neckline.

Colorful, whimsical designs, such as hearts, stars, farm animals, cats, dogs and balloons are often sewn into the smocked fabric to give a dress or shirt a sweet, personalized style. During the spring and summer, look for seersucker or gingham dresses featuring smocking. You can pick the designs according to a special event, such as bunnies and ducks for Easter, as well.

During the fall and winter, choose smocked dresses in popular cold-weather fabrics such as corduroy. Holiday-themed dresses features Christmas trees, gingerbread men, snowmen and other seasonal designs.

If dresses aren't your daughter's thing, you can find smocked sets featuring swingy, sleeveless tops and capri-length pants or shorts.

2. Ruffles 

Ruffles are often found on girls' boutique clothing, from tops to bottoms. Look for shirts that feature a row or two of ruffles at the bottom or a pair of leggings that feature ruffled ankles. For a fancy event, choose a dress with multiple layers of tulle ruffles at the bottom for a full look.

A cotton skirt with a simple ruffled bottom will look casual enough for playtime, but also dressed up enough for church or even a birthday party. Ruffles can also elevate the look of a simple t-shirt when sewn in rows across the front or at the arm bands.

3. Bows 

When it comes to boutique-inspired clothing, bows are another popular detail. Pick a dress featuring a sash around the waistline, and either tie it into a big bow in the front or back, depending on your preference.

Bows can also be found on necklines, tied around the waistband of shorts or pants, or at the tops of pillowcase-style dresses. 


10 March 2017

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