Hiding Excess Weight When Going To A Class Reunion


If you have gained weight in the past few years, and you are going to be going to a class reunion in the near future, you are most likely concerned about what your former classmates will think when they see you in person. Hiding excess weight is an option to aid in boosting your self-esteem for this type of event. Here are a few tricks you can try to help in keeping your appearance slim when you meet up with those you haven't seen for years.

Use A Waist Trainer To Slim The Midriff Area

A waist trainer is a device that will help in reducing the appearance of the amount of fat present around your belly area. A comfortable piece of material is wrapped around your waist and kept in place for several days to give you a slimmer figure. These trainers work at compressing the skin, pushing it in to give you the physique you wish. When the waist trainer is removed, the results will remain for several days, allowing you to go to your reunion with a boost of confidence. Many wear plus size waist trainers when exercising as the enhancement of a slimmer appearance will help in staying motivated to continue with extra repetitions.

Wear Appropriate Clothing To Keep Weight A Mystery

When picking out clothing to wear to your reunion, make it a priority to stick with a plain, solid-colored outfit rather than one with a pattern. This will instantly make you look thinner. It is also a good idea to stay away from form-fitting clothing as this will enhance your trouble spots instead of keeping them out of view. Consider drawing the eyes to the face instead of to the body as well. This can be accomplished with a snazzy hat, an interesting pair of spectacles, or a killer haircut.

Consider Going To A Spa For A Body Wrap Procedure

In the days before your reunion, visit a local spa to inquire about getting a body wrap procedure. This involves the wrapping of your waist with pieces of warm material or foil after algae or seaweed is placed on your skin. As you sweat, toxins are released through your skin pores. This type of procedure will help in shrinking your overall belly weight for several days. Many find that getting a body wrap will allow them to wear smaller clothing in the hours and days after it is conducted.


9 July 2017

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