Three Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Sports Bra For Active Wear


If you are a female who regularly participates in sports or physical exercise, a sports bra will most likely be an essential part of your active wear basics. There are various types of sports bras sold by places like NUX active womens clothing. Choosing one that best suits your needs does not have to be c a challenge. To help you select the most suitable sports bra for comfort and to restrict your movement while you exercise, consider the following three aspects:

1. How Much Support Do You Need?

This may seem confusing at first, since there are various levels of support you may find when shopping for a support bra. Without wearing the proper support, you may experience discomfort or pain. During strenuous physical activities and sports, improper support may even lead to soft tissue damage. That said, what level of support is right for you? Basically, you need to consider the type of activities you engage in.

Are you into yoga or Pilates, or do you simply enjoy taking long walks? For these types of activities you will not really require a high level of support from your sports bra. For low impact activities, a low support sports bra should suffice. If you enjoy taking hikes or you enjoy casual bike riding, you would do best with mid-range support, or a medium impact sports bra. However, if you participate in high impact sports such as running or jogging, it is probably best to go with the high level of support.

2. What Style of Sports Bra Do You Prefer?

Sports bras come in a few various styles or constructions. Each have their own unique qualities. If you enjoy various types of physical exercise and sports, you should own the different styles so you will have what you need at hand. Consider the construction of the various styles of sports bras and how each might suit your needs.

First off, consider the compression sports bra. There are no back or front closures with a compression sports bra, and no "cups" as a standard bra will have. The compression sports bra is designed to be pulled over the head. The main feature of a compression sports bra is the ability to compress the breasts as one exercises. As the breasts are compressed against the chest, movement is restricted, therefore there is less chance of muscle strain or tissue damage when participating in high impact activities. Wear this style when running or participating in aerobic exercise.

Next, you might want to consider a design known as an encapsulation sports bra. As the name suggests, the encapsulation sports bra will enclose your breasts, supporting each one individually. The encapsulation sports bra will have two individual cups. This design will offer a natural appearance, although it is not recommended for high impact activities and sports. If you do light to moderate exercise, you might prefer the encapsulation design.

You may also choose a combination compression and encapsulation sports bra. The combination sports bra will provide the highest level of support and comfort when participating in high impact sports and physical activities.

3. What Features Do You Prefer in a Sports Bra?

Would you prefer a wide band or a more narrow band? Because the band of the sports bra will provide the foundation for your comfort and support, you will need it to fit securely without leaving any gaps. To decide what type of band is best, you might want to try a few on.

Another good feature to look for are adjustable straps. As you adjust them, do they feel secure or do they "give" too much? Too much stretch to the straps may compromise support. Also, be sure thre shoulder straps do not dig into your shoulders during movement.

If you don't like the pullover sports bra, you might opt for a full back closure feature made with hooks for fastening. This features allow for customization, as you may adjust the fit of the bra, choosing from two or three rows of hooks.

Do you tend to perspire a lot during exercise? If so, you'll want a fabric that offers breathable comfort. Look for a moisture wicking material.

One final thought: don't forget to consider sizing as you shop for your new sports bra. It is important to take measurements before you shop so you will obtain the best fit.  


24 July 2017

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