How To Create Adorable Gift Baskets For A Baby Shower


Are you hosting a baby shower for one of your friends? Perhaps you were just on the guest list to attend a baby shower hosted by somebody else. Either way, you're probably wanting to bring a unique gift. Because there are so many cute choices to give as gifts, consider giving the mother-to-be a gift basket that includes several items. From selecting baby moccasins to choosing outfits to accompany them, here are some ideas that will make your gift a special one.

Start By Choosing The Basket Itself - Selecting the right basket means that the mommy will be able to use it later.

  • Think of selecting a large basket with a lid on it. By doing so, later on it can be used as a picnic basket when the baby's family goes on special outings together.
  • Another idea is to select a basket that will later hold things like diapers, baby lotion and baby powder. 
  • Line the basket with a baby blanket which will actually be a gift in itself.

Select Gifts To Go Into The Basket - Choose baby moccasins! Have you seen baby moccasins in real life? They are soft and totally cute. You probably will want to include more than one set of moccasins, as they are very affordable.

  • If you know that your friend is having a baby girl, think of buying tiny pink moccasins that have bows on them. Another idea is to select fringed baby moccasins or ones with little hearts as part of the design. Choose an outfit that will go with the moccasins, and add something like a story book and a rattle.
  • Is your friend having a boy? If so, think of going with brown moccasins that look very much like real adult moccasins. Add a denim outfit for a bit of a western look, and tuck a puppy dog toy in the basket for extra fun.
  • If you don't know whether your friend is having a boy or a girl, play it safe by selecting navy blue or tan for the moccasins. Choose yellow, white or pale blue rompers to go in the basket, and add bathtub toys and baby bath soap.

While you're shopping for the baby moccasins, consider buying them in two or three sizes. Besides selecting moccasins for a newborn baby, choose pre-walker ones for when the baby is six to nine months old. You can even buy first walker moccasins that will help the baby take his or her first steps. For more information, contact a service like Simple Addiction.


28 July 2017

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