3 Tips For Using A Waist Trainer After Childbirth


Waist trainers can be a great way to fine-tune your body into the exact shape you want. They are especially useful for recently pregnant women, who experience a drastic change in their bodies during pregnancy. However, before you purchase a waist trainer to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape, there are a few things you should consider. The following tips will help you use a waist trainer safely after having a child. 

Take It Slow 

There are several types of waist trainers on the market, but they all use similar methods. The waist trainer uses compression to shape your waist. Some waist trainers, usually hook-and-eye, corset-type trainers, can apply extreme compression to a figure to create fast, shapely results. Others, usually velcro or elastic waist trainers, apply a much lower amount of compression. These trainers may require more time before you start to see results, but they will allow your body to slowly adjust from your pregnancy shape to your ideal shape.

Keep in mind that your organs shift drastically while pregnant. Your organs move up and to the back to make room for your baby. While using a waist trainer, they shift in the opposite direction. Because of that, if you were recently pregnant, you need to start with a very light compression waist trainer or allow your internal organs to adjust to their natural position before starting to train. 

Learn What Waist Trainers Do 

Many women think that waist trainers help you lose weight, but they actually shift your weight into a preferred hourglass shape. During pregnancy, you likely gained weight as well as changed to an apple shape. A waist trainer will help you lose your apple shape, but you may end up with a muffin top unless you work out regularly and follow a proper diet to lose your pregnancy weight while utilizing the waist trainer. 

Consult Your Physician

In the first few weeks after childbirth, your body will be going through a period of rapid adjustment. Depending on your type of childbirth, your doctor may recommend holding off on using a waist trainer until your body has healed from childbirth, sometimes waiting up to six weeks. Other physicians will recommend a low compression waist trainer in the first days following a vaginal birth. Before you purchase a waist trainer, you should consult your physician about what features to look for and when you can start using your waist trainer regularly.

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29 August 2017

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