How To Survive 9 Months Of Physical Changes During Pregnancy


There are so many great things that come along with being pregnant. If you're currently expecting, you may feel increasingly excited about bringing a new little person into this world. Although there are many wonderful things to look forward to, the pregnancy itself is often a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. It can cause a lot of physical and emotional changes for any woman. If you want to make sure you're prepared for these changes, consider trying some beneficial tips.

Keep Yourself Comfortable

Have you noticed you're sweating more often than usual? You may suddenly feel like you're constantly having hot flashes, even if you're just going out for a walk or sitting in your living room on a particularly warm day. Unfortunately, this is not unusual. It's just another common side effect of the pregnancy due to a major change in hormones. So, what can you do to combat this issue? Purchase comfortable clothing.

It's not just about purchasing maternity clothes. In fact, it may be better for you to purchase long sleeve performance t-shirts to wear on a daily basis. Performance t-shirts are often made with the most breathable materials for a reason.

There are people who wear them while they're working out. Those people who participate in different types of activities are going to sweat a lot, so it makes sense to wear clothes that are loose on the skin and absorb all that extra sweat. Because you're pregnant and may be dealing with a lot of extra sweat, wearing these performance shirts could keep you feeling cooler and comfortable, especially if you've got to go out on a hot day.

Check out retailers like Over Under Clothing for long sleeve performance tees and other breathable, moisture-wicking clothing.

Make Freezer Pops to Calm Your Stomach

Morning sickness is another issue pregnant women often experience in addition to the excess sweating. If you're having a hard time keeping anything down, including beverages, consider turning some of your favorite beverages into freezer pops.

The only thing you may be able to keep down at the moment is ice. Instead of chewing on plain ice, fill miniature paper cups with beverages that soothe your stomach, such as ginger tea, green tea, ginger ale, and Gatorade. Place a freezer pop stick into each cup and then place the cups in the freezer. Wait for about two hours or until the cups are completely frozen.

Peel the paper cup right off and then suck on the freezer pop so that you're technically drinking something and hydrating yourself while still enjoying the ice that you might crave. If you'd like to take an even easier approach, you could purchase freezer pop molds from the dollar store.

Avoid the Constipation With a Simple Solution

Some women become severely constipated while pregnant. They may feel like they need to use the bathroom, but struggle to produce a bowel movement, which could eventually lead to hemorrhoids. If you're trying to use the bathroom with ease and want to try to avoid getting hemorrhoids, drink more water. If you're dehydrated, it's easier to become constipated. Adding a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of natural lemon juice to your water could make it even easier for you to use the bathroom regularly without feeling so constipated.

There are a number of different things you may experience while pregnant, including excessive sweating, morning sickness, and constipation. Although these changes in your life may be a bit difficult to handle, there are some survival hacks that make it all easier.

If you're constantly sweating, invest in breathable performance t-shirts. If you can't hold anything down, make freezer pops with different beverages. And, if you feel constipated, drink some water with a bit of lemon juice and some honey to keep your bowels regular and prevent those dreaded hemorrhoids.


11 September 2017

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