Create A Stylish Core Wardrobe With These 2 Essential Clothing Items


When it comes to women's clothing, there's a distinct difference between fashion and style. Fashion comes and goes and it can be difficult and very expensive to maintain a wardrobe that stays fashionable from season to season. Style is different to fashion, representing a timeless, classy, and elegant look that is particularly desired by many women as they reach an age where the fashion trends are no longer appealing or flattering.

An important part of creating your own style is developing a high-quality and versatile core wardrobe. This can then be complemented with accessories and other items of clothing that you can mix and match and replace as needed. Here are two essential clothing items that will help to create a comprehensive and stylish core wardrobe.

1. Smart black pants

A pair of smart, well-tailored, and top quality black pants are a must-have staple for every stylish wardrobe. They are flattering for all body types and can be worn casually with a cotton t-shirt, with a blouse for work, or with a dressy top for a semi-formal social occasion.

Make sure that you choose a material that won't pill or fade so that you'll be able to wear your pants for many years and still look polished and together. Cotton and linen are both excellent options. It's also important to ensure that you get the right leg length to avoid fraying the hems or revealing your leg above the ankle.

2. Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate go-to item of clothing that can be worn around the house, for outdoor leisure activities, or for an evening out. They can be part of a very casual look when teamed with sandals and a floral blouse, or glammed-up and dressy with some heels and a glamorous top. They're also a great winter item when worn with sturdy boots and a cozy sweater or jacket.

The recent fashion for jeans has been the extremes of skin-tight skinny jeans and the sloppy, loose fit of boyfriend jeans. For a classy and timeless pair of jeans, opt for a classic slim-fit version with a mid-rise waistline that is both flattering and won't require replacement when the next jeans trend begins.

When buying your new black pants and jeans, it's well worth visiting a specialized women's clothing boutique instead of a department store. You'll not only get excellent quality products that will stand the test of time, you'll also get great service and advice on choosing the most flattering items from the experienced staff members.


3 October 2017

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