How To Look Great At An Equestrian Show


When it comes to riding your horse for sport and competition, your appearance is nearly as important as the performance of your steed. Choosing equestrian show clothes can be a challenge since there are so many styles available. Here is a guide to help you look amazing during a competition so your confidence is boosted and you help make your horse's performance even more stunning:

Consider White

White is a competition hue that may be unexpected because riders want to stay crisp looking and clean while they manage their horses. White can be accomplished easily, as long as you choose the right clothing pieces for the task.

Don't wear white breeches, as they are most likely to encounter stains and dust from riding. Rather, wear a crisp white riding shirt that buttons up and has a tight collar. You will stand out from other competitors with your attention-grabbing hue without having to worry about getting dirty.

Choose One Bold Accessory

Tan, cream, black, and gray are standard attire colors for most riders as they are safe hues that are easy to match. Allow you and your horse to stand out by choosing just one of your accessories to be vivid in color.

Opt for maroon riding boots or goldenrod riding pants. Consider a riding hat in bright white or a rich navy. Choose a shirt in a lovely pastel in light blue, violet, coral or even yellow. Pastels match most other colors like tan and gray, allowing you to look professional and ready to ride without blending in with the crowd.

Manage Small Details

Your appearance is closely scrutinized at an equestrian show, so make sure to pay attention to the tiniest of details. Clip your nails, pull your hair back so it rests comfortably under your riding hat without getting in your eyes, and make sure all clothing is ironed and professionally cleaned prior to riding.

Don't forget the tack supplies you use as well: polish your horse's saddle, clean bridles, and stirrups and ensure that any boots or other accessories your horse wears match your attire as much as possible so you both look like an amazing, put-together team.

You love riding your horse for competition, and you should. Equestrian riding is a classic sport that brings a special bond between you and your horse. Use these tips to always look confident and ready to compete so you can enjoy your sport even more.


28 October 2017

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