Looking To Purchase Baby Jeans? Three Factors You Should Look For For A Perfect Fit


If you are planning a family picture and want everyone to be wearing the same thing, or you want your baby to look stylish for a day out, you may be looking to purchase baby jeans. But not all baby jeans are made the same, nor do they all fit babies the same. Here are three factors that you should look for when you are shopping to help ensure they fit your baby perfectly. 

Whether They Fit Over Cloth Diapers

One of the first factors you will want to consider is whether they are designed to fit over the type of diaper your child wears. Cloth diapers and the training pants that are sometimes worn over these diapers, can be bulkier than a regular diaper. While a cloth diaper may easily fit under a pair of stretchy elastic baby pants, some types of jeans may not have enough stretch to get up over the hips and butt of your child if they are wearing a cloth diaper or a bulky diaper, such as an overnight diaper. If your child wears cloth diapers, you need to find jeans that are designed to accommodate them. 

If They Have an Adjustable Waist

Another factor to consider when searching for jeans for a baby is whether the jeans have an adjustable waist. Some babies are chubbier than other babies. However, both a thin and chubby baby may need the same length in pants. This is why many children's clothing companies offer adjustable waist jeans for babies and toddlers. The waist can be pulled it or let out, helping to ensure that the jeans can fit comfortably around your baby's waist. 

How Much Give the Material Has

The last factor to look for as you shop for baby jeans is how much give the material has. Some types of jeans are heavy and stiff. Others are loose and have some stretch or give to them. Looking for a thinner pair of jeans that has some give to them is always advised for babies. Not only does it help the fit, but it makes it easier for a baby to move while they are wearing their new pair of jeans. 

Some types of baby jeans are stiff, tight and just plain impractical for babies to wear. Others are loose, adjustable and fit over a babies diapered bottom. Paying attention to these three factors will help you find the perfect pair of jeans for your baby. 


19 December 2017

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