Your Baby's Laundry: Three Tips


You and everyone you know might have already started buying baby clothes as soon as you announced your pregnancy. Baby clothes are adorable, and they'll need a lot of them because they'll be growing a lot in their first year. You'll have to launder and have a plan for storing them in a way that won't overwhelm you when the baby's born. What baby-related laundry details should you know?

Wash Clothing as You Get It

Your baby's skin is going to be adjusting to the world and will be more sensitive than yours. It's important to understand that new clothes are often sprayed with substances to keep them seeming wrinkle-free. To prevent possible allergic reactions to formaldehyde or whatever might have been sprayed, wash everything as it comes into the house. This directive isn't limited to clothing; towels, blankets and sheets should be laundered as well.

Your own detergent might have additives and other chemicals which could disturb pristine baby skin. Therefore, seek baby laundry detergents that are typically scent and addition-free. This ensures that everything touching their skin is safe.  

Know How to Remove Stains

Baby pajamas like those from Piper Jade Kids, onesies, crib sheets and other baby laundry will be stained eventually. "Spit up", formula, baby oil and poop be a part of your life as the parent of a baby, and you'll soon need to clean stubborn stains out of the baby's things.

Soaking clothing in warm water before laundry day can dislodge some stains, but you may need to enlist old toothbrushes or hard bristle brushes for scrubbing at times. A bit of detergent, water and vinegar may be a better pre-soak mixture, if you have time, especially for baby poop. If you've spilled baby oil on a pair of pajamas, powder detergent can sometimes soak up enough of the oil that such stains don't remain.

Use Mesh Bags for Socks

Tiny socks, for some reason, always seem to become lost when laundry is done. To keep them from slipping between the washer and dryer or otherwise disappearing, use mesh bags. Whenever you take the socks off the baby, put them in the bags instead of in the larger hamper with other items. You should be able to just tighten the bag and toss it into your machines. When dry, you can remove the clean socks and put them away accordingly.

Care for your baby's pajamas, towels and other laundry with these tips. Converse with parents nearby for more laundry and storage suggestions.


20 July 2018

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