Why You Should Make Golf Shirts Your Daily Attire


When you head off to the golf course, you probably pull on a golf shirt before doing so. But what if you put those golf shirts in your closet to more use? What if, instead of only reaching for them on golf days, you turned golf shirts into your daily apparel? There are a couple of reasons to add to your golf apparel collection and make them your go-to choice.

1. They have a collar and are therefore somewhat formal.

You would not want to wear a t-shirt to the office; it just looks sloppy. And dress shirts are a bit too dressy to wear to the gym or during other active endeavors. However, a golf shirt has a collar, which makes it formal enough for more professional endeavors. You may not want to wear one to a black tie gala, but with offices becoming less formal, it's definitely acceptable work attire for the average day.

2. They're far more breathable than dress shirts.

Golf shirts, though a little formal, are made from material that's meant to keep you comfortable out on the green. If you find yourself hot and sweaty on a daily basis, wearing a golf shirt is a smart choice. The shirt will breathe, keeping you cooler and less sweaty. You can say goodbye to pit stains and having to change your shirt midday! 

3. They come in fun colors.

If you want to look proper, you can wear a white or black golf shirt. If you want to look a little more playful or relaxed, you can wear yellow, green, red, or pink shirt. Once you find a particular golf shirt you like, you can buy a bunch of them in different colors, and vary the color you wear based on the occasion. Golf shirts come in a lot more colors than the average dress shirt or t-shirt because golfers like to dress in their particular color.

4. They move with you.

A long day of wearing a stiff, starched dress shirt can end with you feeling chafed and uncomfortable. Golf shirts move with you because they're meant for active people. You won't feel trapped in, or rubbed by the shirt. You can lift your arms over your head more easily, too. 

Golf shirts are not just for golf! Say goodbye to your other shirts, and become the guy around the office who is known as "golf-shirt man."


30 August 2018

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