Tips For Making Sure Your Hijab Keeps You Cool In The Summer


If you involve yourself in sports or simply want to beat the heat with retaining your modesty at the same time, then you will need to choose your hijab carefully. And, this may mean wearing a product that is specifically meant to release heat, like the sports and cooling hijabs that are not available. However, if you just want a few tips on keeping the heat at bay, keep reading to find out about a few tips.

Avoid Layering

Hijab and Muslim fashion often involves layering. This may mean wearing a long-sleeved shirt under your tunic or wearing multiple hijabs at once to create a unique color pattern. However, if the sun is beating down, try not to layer as much as possible. If you do layer some of your clothing, then you should opt only for materials that are breathable. These are materials made from both organic and synthetic fabrics that help to pull the heat away from the body. Cotton, linen, rayon, and silk are a few options, and this includes any of these materials that are constructed into blends. 

Breathable materials are also good even if you are not layering. Also, if you wearing an undercap, then a cotton one is best to keep you cool.

Keep in mind that if you decide to wear a silk hijab, go with a darker color one. While silk is extremely light and perfect for a hot day, it will absorb sweat and look wet if the color is too light.

regardless of the material you use, make sure that your hijab is loose and not pulled right against your skin. Airflow is needed around the garment to ensure that heat can dissipate as easily as possible.

Tie Your Hair Back

Before you place your lightweight and breathable hijab on your head, you should make sure that your hair is pulled back properly at first. While a ponytail can do the trick, considering placing your hair into a loose bun. This will help to keep your hair off your neck, which will keep you cooler. 

To ensure that the hair around your face does not escape and stick to your face when you sweat, use bobby pins to secure the hair just above your ears. 

A headband can keep your hair in place as well, and like the hijab, make sure it is made out of a lightweight and breathable material.

If you want to know more about hijabs and how you can remain cool during the summer months, speak with a hijab retailer, such as With Honour.


20 December 2018

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