Tips To Make Your Thrift Store Vintage Purchases Look Like Designer Apparel


There is something fun about walking into a thrift store or vintage apparel retailer and purchasing some affordable finds. However, it is often hard to pin down a vintage style look without making it obvious that they came from a discount rack. Fortunately, there are some vintage styling tips that can make your affordable purchases look like you went on an all-out spree for designer clothing.

Avoid Total Body Vintage

Would you think of wearing an all denim outfit? Denim jeans paired with a denim shirt and hat, paired with denim accessories probably sounds like a denim overload. The same is true for vintage. You should not dress yourself from the top of your head to the tips of your toes in vintage apparel. Instead, consider mixing it up with modern clothing. Choose one dramatic piece, such as a vintage fur coat, and pair it with a modern pair of slacks and a nice blouse.

Keep Your Vintage Apparel Looking New

Just because a piece of clothing is vintage does not mean is should look yellowed and old. Make sure you take good care of your vintage pieces. Each piece of vintage clothing you wear should look brand new if you want to give the appearance of a designer label. When you purchase vintage apparel from stores, go ahead and clean them according to their labels. A good wash can make any apparel look fresh, clean, and new.

Commit to Using Vintage Accessories

The best way to take a vintage outfit to the next level is to accessorize. Accessories can make any outfit look stunning, especially if you use the right accessories. Since you are going for vintage with designer appearances, go ahead and accessorize using vintage pieces. In many cases, you will find that vintage accessories are high-quality and very durable, yet they do not often come with that expensive price tag you find in designer stores. Spice up your outfit with vintage jewelry so you can show off some designer looking bling.

If you apply a few common vintage apparel skills to your daily outfit choices, you can easily pull off a look that appears fancy. Just because the price tags were affordable doesn't mean your outfit can't look like a million bucks. If you need help choosing vintage clothing, allow a professional to help you. A clothing expert can help you pick the right pieces so you can achieve the goal of acquiring a wardrobe with a designer appearance.


10 October 2019

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