Sun Protective Swimwear: Common FAQs


Picking out the swimwear that you will wear for a fun day in the sun is usually all about finding what looks good and feels comfortable. However, there is one other big thing to be thinking about as well, and that is protecting yourself from the sun. Long days of fun on the beach can mean long days of UV exposure, and that can be really bad for your skin. Sun-protective swimwear is a good option, but not everyone knows a lot about it. 

How does sun-protective swimwear work?

Sun-protective swimwear is made out of specifically woven fabric fibers that block the UV rays from the sun. The fabric fibers are woven tightly together so the sun rays cannot get through. If you hold traditional swimwear up to the light, you will see the light shine through or see the outline of the light you are looking at. This essentially means that UV rays can still get through. Swimwear that is specifically made to protect you from the sun will not allow any light through the fabric fibers at all. 

Is sun-protective swimwear comfortable?

Most people cannot tell the difference between regular swimwear and sun-protecting swimwear by the way that it feels on the body. The fabrics still feel similarly in texture and softness. However, you may notice that swimwear pieces can have features that you may not normally see, such as long sleeves or long legs. These pieces are designed to give you maximum protection from the sun across a broader part of your body instead of just covering only certain parts of the body. Even though you can find pieces that look and fit just like regular swimwear pieces, the more covering pieces are available for those who want more protection. 

Will the sun-protective qualities be affected if the swimwear gets wet?

One of the good things about the design of this kind of swimwear is it will still be just as effective once you do get in the water or get wet. One of the biggest problems with other topical products like spray-on sunscreen or sunblock lotion is the fact that the water can wash the product away. Therefore, the only way to get the protection you need is if you continually reapply the product to your skin every time you get wet. Swimwear stays intact no matter how long you stay in the water to swim.


3 January 2020

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