Turning Heads Through The Decades: What To Look For In Vintage Clothes


Shopping for vintage clothes is an exciting venture that can bring a dazzle factor to any wardrobe. From sleek and elegant to fun and flirty, vintage styles have survived through the eras to continue to turn heads. When shopping for vintage clothes, keeping a few things in mind will help the process run smoothly. Here is a quick look into what to remember when shopping for vintage clothing to add to one's wardrobe. 

Inspect Carefully

With any used clothing store, items are expected to have a normal amount of wear and tear. With vintage clothing, however, wear and tear will be considerably higher since each piece is older. When shopping for vintage clothing, carefully inspect the garment to look for any signs of tears, holes, scuffs, or signs of wear that may compromise the fabric. While some smaller tears or holes can easily be repaired with some light sewing, others may need more reinforcement. Taking into account the number of repairs the clothing will require can be a great indicator of whether the piece is truly worth the price. 

Forget About Sizes

Many factors can play into sizing and vintage clothing is no exception. Depending on the age of the garment, sizing may be considerably different than its corresponding size in today's world. Other factors, including manufacturing defects, how worn the item is, and shrinkage, all play a part in how well the item fits. Therefore, it is best to throw out the idea of only shopping for one specific size when looking at vintage clothes. When looking through vintage clothing, try to get a good idea of how it will fit on the body and whether or not this particular piece could work. When in doubt, try on each item to get a better idea of how the item fits on the body. 

Wearability Matters

The wearability factor of any vintage clothing purchase should always be considered when shopping. How easily this particular piece will fit into one's existing wardrobe, for instance, is a great way to think through the possible ways to incorporate this new item. Try not to be swayed by labels or price and simply think through how each piece will work within the wardrobe and how often it will be used. While some pieces may be stunning in person, they may not necessarily fit into one's wardrobe and may go neglected. Rather than allowing it to gather dust on a hanger, disregard clothing that will rarely be worn and look for other pieces that immediately bring a sense of joy. 

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28 September 2021

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